Mission & Vision

Our mission is to provide solutions for local communities and local government units, aimed at digitizing communication processes using advanced mobile solutions.

Our goal is to make every resident have the opportunity - using the mobile application - to communicate with the Municipal Office, your local sports facility, school, kindergarten. This form of communication is a source of verified messages and news from trusted local and national senders.

We want to facilitate the creation of organized local communities and strengthen the relationship between their members by providing a safe platform where each of us can find help and answers.


Products and Solutions

We are passionate professionals with many years of experience in creating and developing advanced IT systems, mobile applications and dedicated software.  

Our dedicated applications are used by clients from the financial, retail and public sectors. We use the experience gained during cooperation with these highly different industries in the implementation of another solution - local community platforms.

The Team


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Anna Sopala,

Experienced manager with a history in the information technology and services industry. Connecting skill in program / project management, analytics, management risk, ITIL and banking. A financial specialist from focusing on IT project management and process improvement. Educational backroung focused on Database engineering. Currently functioning as a Project Manager and Product Owner.

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Karol Wiśniewski,
Board Member

Graduate of International schools in Switzerland and England. Master of International Business, with experience in renewable sources of energy production, specialising in expansion to foreign markets and marketing.


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